Klopp: "What Zidane has done with Madrid is incredible ... but we are not going to Kiev to ask for shirts"

Jurgen Klopp faces in a week to the most important appointment of the season. A "fantastic" season for Liverpool, according to the coach himself, and which he has now reviewed on the official website of UEFA before being measured at Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Liverpool Season I am very proud of what my players have achieved. The number of goals we score is crazy. We have scored seven goals twice, and five in two others. It's really crazy because we are not Madrid, or Barca or Bayern . We are Liverpool and we are on the way to becoming a really good team. It is incredible to compete at such a high level. To summarize, it has been a crazy season, but we have won our place in the final.

Relationship with players We have a relationship, a 'work relationship', where I am the boss and they are my employees, so to speak. But football should not work that way, it's a game after all. As a person, I want to have a closer relationship with them, I want to understand them. I want to know why things happen to them. I am grateful for what you have achieved. I'm not the kind of person who thinks, "Well, they get paid for that, this is what they should do." There are many teams at the same level as us, who earn as much or even more, but they do not work so well. That's why I'm very grateful, and I told him so. We are in this adventure together. We're going to go all the way together: that's the plan.Get your football predictions on apuestas en directo.

Real Madrid They are the champions and have won several consecutive titles in this competition. They have done really well with Zidane. He is one of the five best players of all time. I'm glad we're not playing one against the other (that I have to mark him, or vice versa). I am very happy that my players are the ones who go out to the field. Just meeting Zidane is amazing. I admired him as a player and I respect him as a friend. It is amazing what he has been doing with Madrid. It is really extraordinary. But we are not going to Kiev to ask for shirts. Philosophy of game If we win, I will not care how we played: a victory is a victory. However, I know that the chances of winning increase when you know how you are winning. That means you must play a certain football style. It's about developing a type of soccer. That's what we're doing, nothing more . The fact that it is sometimes spectacular to see the game is, for me, the right thing to do. I love the way players recognize their own strengths and try to use them, while recognizing the strengths of others and seeking to stop them.

Losing the end of 2013 I did not learn anything. What am I supposed to have learned from the final? It was the end of the season, as it always is with the finals. We had a very tight schedule with obligations to the press, everything was new to us. For the players it still is, but not so much for me. In the end, it is about offering the best possible performance that day. That's what you do and then you need a little luck at crucial moments. I'm Liverpool coach , I'm fine, I have a fantastic family. I'm very lucky in my life. In the finals, that has not been the case so far, so it's about trying to win by playing as well as possible. It's the only chance we have of winning a trophy [this season], and we'll do everything we can to try to win it. The Champions I really want to win this trophy. But you should not fix on me. I do not care about all this, and I mean it. Nothing changes for me personally. I lost some finals and I'm exactly the same as I would have won them. But for the club and for the players, it would be impressive.